Poster rules
The poster size is standard A0 size (84,1 cm x 118,9 cm).
The evaluation will be based on your poster, the time with the jury is limited to 7 minutes total, we recommend a 5 minutes presentation followed by 2 minutes questions.

Presentation rules
Each presentation should be 8 minutes long and will be followed by 5 minutes questions. Presentations longer than 8 minutes will be stopped to respect our schedule. The chairman will have an orange card to signal that you have to conclude (30 sec left) and that it is time for questions.

Please remember that the JEDNs are open to anyone so it is important to make your explanations clear enough for persons with any kind of knowledge in biology. We are not all experts in your field.
The main criteria are that it should understandable for everyone and respect of time limits.

Evaluation grid