Invited speakers

This year the JEDNs are pleased to welcome:

Pr. Thomas Langer is head of a team at Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, in Cologne, Germany. Prof. Langer’s team studies mitochondrial proteostasis. In order to understand the role of mitochondria in ageing and age-associated disease, the department seeks to define molecular mechanisms that preserve mitochondrial function with age and allow the dynamic adaptation of the mitochondrial proteome in a cell- and tissue-specific manner.

Dr Thomas Guillemaud is head of a team at Sophia Agrobiotech Institute, interested in population genetics and evolutionary biology. Their research focus on the development of new methods to estimate the demographic, genetic and historical parameters of bioinvasions and to describe invasion routes, and the application of these methods to ongoing and documented invasions of socio-economically important species.