Logo contest

The competition aims at pushing forward PhD students’ fantasy and graphic skills in order to have a new logo for the JEDNs.


The new logo has to take into account the general objective of research and PhD life


The logos have to be sent by email to jedns.bio@gmail.com, the e-mail object being “ JEDNew Logo + first name and family name of the designer“. The deadline for the participation to the competition is the 15th of April, midnight. The new JEDN logo has to be designed by a PhD student and will be used by the student association for the JEDNs.
The logos have to fulfil the rules described in the guidelines (next paragraph).  The JEDN organizing committee will select the best logo and the winner will be notified by the end of april. The designer of the winning logo will receive a FNAC voucher of 50,00 euros and will be awarded during the JEDNs on Friday 25th of May.


The new JEDN logo has to :

  • Participate to JEDNs
  • Be inspired from science and PhD life;
  • Be bichromatic (the two colors are up to the designers);
  • Be in the appropriate formats (png, PSD, raw format), dimensions and high resolution;
  • Not contain symbols, pictures or other logos protected with previous copyright;
  • Contain the acronym “JEDNS 85”.