‘Gene Expression’ Tenure Track/Associate Professorship position in Aarhus, Denmark

The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University invites applications to a position in the area of Gene Expression Biology to begin August 2018. Candidates for a Tenure Track position or an Associate Professorship are encouraged to apply.


The position

As an assistant professor in a tenure-track position the candidate is expected to develop a strong and competitive research program and will be offered local mentoring during the tenure track period. Start-up funds to establish a competitive research program are negotiable. In case of more senior applicants, a position as associate professor will be considered.


The candidate

Candidates pursuing internationally recognized research in Gene Expression Biology (e.g. Transcription, RNA metabolism or related areas) are encouraged to apply. We also welcome applicants practicing systems biology approaches. The successful candidate is expected to complement existing strengths of the Department, to contribute to Departmental activities and to engage in scientific interaction with academic staff. The candidate must have earned a Ph.D. degree and have demonstrated excellence in research and scholarship within the field of interest.


Successful candidates will be expected to:

‐ establish and lead their own research team

‐ deliver innovative research of the highest international standard

‐ deliver high quality teaching (associate professor level)

‐ supervise masters and PhD students

‐ complete postgraduate teacher training for Assistant Professors at Aarhus University (tenure track level).

‐ obtain competitive research funding from external funding bodies

‐ write and speak English fluently


The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics is part of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Aarhus University and comprises research within the areas of Gene Expression, Molecular Medicine, Structural Biology, Systems Biology, Plant Molecular Biology and Quantitative Genetics. There are currently 220 full time scientific staff and 140 PhD students. The department is responsible for two educations: Molecular Biology and Molecular Medicine with a yearly uptake of 160 students in total. Please refer to http://mbg.au.dk/ for further information about The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics and to http://scitech.au.dk/ and http://www.au.dk/ for information on Science and Technology and Aarhus University, respectively.



Science and Technology Tenure Track

Aarhus University offers talented scientists from around the world attractive career perspectives via the Science and Technology Tenure Track Program. Highly qualified candidates are appointed as Assistant Professors for a period of six years with the prospect of performance-based advancement to a permanent Associated Professorship.


The aim of the Science and Technology Tenure Track Program is to:

‐ attract outstanding talented individuals from all over the world

‐ to promote the early development of self-reliance success early in the career of scientists

‐ to create transparency in the academic career path


As part of a tenure track position, the candidate is offered:

‐ access to research infrastructure

‐ postgraduate teacher training for Assistant Professors

– opportunity to develop research leadership competences

‐ mentoring by a senior colleague

‐ support to develop scientific networks and results

‐ a competitive start-up package


Aarhus University carries out a mid-way evaluation to determine the progress of the tenure track candidate after approx. three years. The final tenure review is conducted after approx. five years, and if the review is positive, the candidate will be offered a permanent position as Associate Professor at Aarhus University.



The application must be in English and include:

– a curriculum vitae;

– a degree certificate;

– a complete list of publications;

– information about current research activities and a statement of future research plans;

– a teaching portfolio and verified information on previous teaching experience (if any);

– a description of any participation in committees and administrative forums

– a minimum of three references: names and contact information.


Please see http://mbg.au.dk/en/news-and-events/vacancies/application-form-guide/ for guidelines regarding CV and teaching portfolio.



The Faculty of Science and Technology refers to the Ministerial Order on the Appointment of Academic Staff at Danish Universities under the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Salary depends on seniority as agreed between the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Confederation of Professional Unions. All interested are urged to apply irrespective of personal background.


Living in Aarhus / Denmark

Please visit the International Centre website (http://www.au.dk/en/internationalcentre/) for information about arriving, working and living in Denmark.



All applications must be made online and received by: TO BE DECIDED